Racecamper Standard Edition 770

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The concept of The Racecamper Standard Edition, has grown out of several hours on the road, and lots of leisure time spent on mc sports.

The design and construction are flexible, and can be custom made according to personal needs.

If prefered, you can even add two extra beds, make the storage space bigger , or if you want a mirror version of the design, there are possibilities as well.


A Car Safe as a Safe

Great thought of mind has been spent on the security system. All doors and drawers, in the housing part of the car, have been equipped with safe and solid ASSA- locks, which normally are being used for a regular house. Additionally, if prefered, you can also select doors equipped with alarm. Thresholds, and boards on cupboards are made from solid aluminum, which makes them very sturdy and stable, and at the same time they don't weigh too much.
Simply, you can easily lock the doors around yourself and your cargo, and you won't have to worry about any un-invited guests.


To be able to keep the windows open while driving, they're sliding windows that slide horizontally. However, it is possible to change these to windows that tilt open vertically.

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There are three hatches for windows in the ceiling, of which two have a motor driven by fans. The standardized doors are 50*50 cm to not interfer with the stability of the car, or to give a too dramatic difference in temperature. The cargo hold is ventilated with a large vent in the ceiling.


The material of this van makes the car light, and at the same time strong and safe. Walls and roof are built from whole metal flats, so that there are no seems or rough edges anywhere. Side walls and roof are assembled with aluminum flats and have fully glued angular frames made from glass fiber. Additionally, the edges and joints of this "box" is put together with a special soft material which is elastic, severe weather proof, and just altoghether strong. There is definitely no risk for leakage. The construction has an outside, and an inside floor. This feature has an isolating function, and it makes room for extra storage. Most of the electrical installations are made between the two floors, and the water tanks are placed there as well. This way you can avoid a freezing problem in cold weather.

The car is built on an Iveco 3.5 tons chassis, with a distance beween the axels of 410 cm. The length over all is 770 cm. The Chassis has twin wheels to stabilize the car, and to make it easy drive. Due to the original construction of this vehicle , you drive it on your standard driver's license.


The water refill can be done either through the cap of the water tank, or directly through the outlet hose, which is equipped with a standard gardening connection. You can just attach the water garden hose, turn on the water, and the tank will automatically get filled.


Very Strong Material with High Isolating Value.

The walls of the Racecamper motorhome consist of glass fiber armed plastic laminations sealed with 38 mm polyuretans foam.
The polyuretan disks have an isolating function, which is three times as powerful as regular isolation.
Where extra durability is needed, aluminum flats have been put on the inside of the plastic lamination to strengthen as much as possible.
You can't get a better durability than this.

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Enough of light in the tent is a prerequisite for fixing a bike in the dark. You don't have to worry about the "coziness - factor", since you can regulate the light with a dimmer.